VMware Server – Poor experience with Vista Windows VMs.


After installing VMware Tools, you are still having a bad experience interacting with your Win2k8 or Vista VM.

Firstly, it could be because you have not enabled full hardware accelaration. Please check you hardware acceleration settings to confirm that you have set it to the fullest.

To check for hardware acceleration, Right click on your desktop, Goto Settings-> Display Properties-> Troubleshoot-> Hardware Acceleration.

Make sure that you set this to the fullest.

Secondly, it could be because VMware Tools is incorrectly configured. To check this out, go to the event viewer and look out for error messages.

To get to the event viewer, type in the command ‘eventvwr’ at the ‘Run’. You might see error messages on the service called ‘InteractiveService Detection’.

Now you need to set this service to startup automatically. For that, Go to Windows ‘Run’ prompt, type in ‘services.msc’.Look out for the service called ‘InteractiveService Detection’. Select ‘Properties’, and set it to start ‘Automatically’.

Restart the VM to experience better performance.



2 thoughts on “VMware Server – Poor experience with Vista Windows VMs.”

  1. Hi Arun, is this service installed by default with vmtools ? Should it be started on all windows VMs ?

  2. Hi Mantas,

    The hardware acceleration is a standard feature of Windows but there are VMTools service is installed for being a VMware guest and it needs to be started once you make any changes.


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