Thank you for visiting this page.

My name is Arun and I live in Singapore.

I love to visit new places, meet new people, read books, try new beer, meditate, run and be engaged in enriching conversations. I love to sleep, spend time with my family, work on new projects, attend weddings, visit friends and family.

I work at Amazon Web Services(AWS) as an Architect.

Before joining AWS, I spent 4 years at VMware and ~7 yrs at Citrix Systems. I consider myself lucky to learn from my customers, colleagues, partners and various people I meet every day.

I love business of all kinds and especially business of startups. I worked at some very interesting startups before like Atlantis Computing, VMLogix (acquired by Citrix Systems).

Everything you find here are my own views. Though I work at AWS, what is written here is neither reviewed or endorsed by my employer.

You can contact me at arun.pc@gmail.com


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