Connection Flow between End User, Horizon VDI and VMware Identity Manager

Please note this is an over simplified version and I have not shown components such as vIDM Connector, Horizon Client, Connection Broker, VDI desktop or UAG separately. I ve made it as high level as possible. Thanks for visiting my blog!  

VMware Horizon 7.5 Instant Clones throws errors with vCenter 6.7

I recently upgraded by home lab from vCenter 6.5 to vCenter 6.7 and Horizon 7.4 for Horizon 7.5. But was stuck with the following error for few days and I almost started to regret my decision to upgrade. “Error during provisioning: Cloning of VM Win103 has failed: Fault type is SERVER_FAULT_FATAL - Runtime error: No… Continue reading VMware Horizon 7.5 Instant Clones throws errors with vCenter 6.7

VMware UEM – Mapping printers via Print Server and mapping Directly

One of the key features VMware User Environment Manager(UEM) and my personal favorite is Printer mapping. It allows you to map printers based on very granular conditions like: Client IP address User groups Environment variables Registry keys A good use case is the Location based printing where you can map printers on where you login… Continue reading VMware UEM – Mapping printers via Print Server and mapping Directly

Why use Unified Access Gateway(UAG) over Client VPN?

Lots of customers use VPN to access virtual desktops and apps instead of directly landing on an application proxy from the internet. One of them quizzed me on the merits and demerits of using VMware UAG versus Client VPN to access Horizon Desktops and Apps. Before doing a compare and contrast, the following are what… Continue reading Why use Unified Access Gateway(UAG) over Client VPN?

VMware Digital Workspace – Under the hood

People love the simplicity and intuitiveness of the VMware Digital Workspace. But under the hood lies a suite of products to secure and provide that experience. Here are the most common questions i get from my customers: So what products power VMware Digital Workspace? What are their capabilities? Brian Madden even wrote a blog on… Continue reading VMware Digital Workspace – Under the hood