Pothan’s Obsession with Everyday Things

Note 1: If you are not a Malayalam movie buff, I recommend you skip this post.

Malayalam cinema is undergoing a radical change and Pothan team is its harbinger.  What amazes me about Pothan is obsession with making movies revolving around seemingly ordinary, everyday things.
Maheshinte Prathikaram  starts with a classic “blue chappal”! Something every Malayali can relate to, is the center of this movie.

It is easy to spot the main object in Thondimuthalum driksakshiyum. It is the ‘thaali mala'(sacred golden chain). And the movie revolves around the couple’s unwillingness to let go this priced possession.

Joji was more interesting! It begins with a pointed pellet piercing through the bark of a rubber tree. The director right at the beginning, blatantly shows viewers what a pellet from a toy gun can do.

Like countless of his fans, I am so amazed by Pothan’s attention to details. But what  surprises me every time is his uncanny ability to give life to seemingly everyday ordinary things. Cant wait to watch his next movie!

Note 2: I am no film expert. I am yet another Malayali who puts Pothan, Padmarajan on the same pedestal as Scorcese and Coppola. My opinions are my own. Not even my wife agrees with them.


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