Book Review: The Warner Boys

The Warner Boys: Our Family’s Story of Autism and Hope by Curt Warner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is unlike anything I have read before. It made me cry. It is emotional, inspiring and remarkable all at the same time.

Ana and Curt Warner are no ordinary couple. After all, Curt was a professional football player with Seattle Seahawks. Even for a couple like them, raising children with ASD is no easy thing. This books shows you the kind of power unconditional love and hope can bring to your life. It also educates you on Autism and the challenges parents with Autistic children face on a daily basis. While awareness of mental health and conditions like Autism are increasing in the world these days, I wonder how parents with less fortunate circumstances deal with such challenges. Personally, it inspires me to be a better parent and a husband. There are plenty of occasions where Curt and Ana show how they built the foundation of their family by cultivating empathy, strength and respect for each other.

In summary, this is a story of love and courage. And how a family stuck together to overcome seemingly impossible hurdles every single day with unshakeable trust, love and hope for each other.

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