Power Policies – Horizon Client Connection Timeout Issues

This morning a customer contacted me regarding connection timeout issues while his end users are connecting to Manual Dedicated Desktops via Horizon Client.

First thing I did is to check whether the status of his desktops is “Available”.


After which, I checked the Power Policies to find the desktops were not configured to be “Always On”.

This means desktops will be powered on at all times by Connection Server and not just when the User tries to connect. The other 3 power policies will not ensure the VMs are always powered on. While the power-on operation may be quite fast, there are the following dependencies which could cause delays.

  • Queue on the vCenter Server created by other processes originating from services like Composer or Instant Clones.
  • Time taken for the VM to come up and show status as “Available”

While the VM is doing this, the end user is still “waiting” for the desktop connection to be established which gives a poor user experience.

What is recommended here is to keep the VMs always powered-on so they are available for users to connect to immediately.

The following are the settings to do that.


Hope it helps!

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