First post on!

I am delighted to publish on on a new feature released for Horizon called VMware IP Transparency.

Do check it out and let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “First post on!”

  1. Hi Arun,
    I have a problem with the “Client IP Transparency” feature in VMware Horizon View and I have read the article. but my problem is on a different platform, running on Windows smoothly, but it does not work on the Thin Client, do you have any idea?
    Thnx for your support.

    1. Could you provide me more details? What thinclient are you using? What difference you see in the behaviour of the ThinClient versus Windows Client. One thing I could think of right away is the Horizon Client version. Please check whether the ThinClient has a supported version of the Horizon Client for this feature.

  2. IHAC is testing the application virtualization environment. And the “CIT” is important for the customer. (Citrix could not provide this property and was eliminated)

    We have 1 farm (VMware Horizon View 7.7 version) and it is installed on “CIT”. If you connect with “Horizon client for Windows” it works smoothly. But we connect to the same environment through the HP thinpro client “CIT” does not work.

    On Linux (HP thinpro) that Horizon client version 5.0.0 build 12557422…

    Does this feature require client-side supported? which version clients support if necessary? Do you have a tested with “thin client” that CIT feature?

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