Buying Gold for my daughter

The other day at the lunch table, my colleague jokingly asked:

“Arun, being a Malayalee, have you started buying Gold for your daughter’s wedding?”

For those of you who don’t know the relationship between Gold and Malayalees, here it is:

Malayalees love gold. Especially when it comes to their daughters’ wedding.

I guess it originated from the logic that Gold can be an asset in the future and instead of wasting a lot of money on clothes, car and the wedding function, it might be wiser to spend it on Gold.

I don’t subscribe to this view at all but his question definitely got me thinking.

I know with globalization, travel, exposure, internet, etc… the definition of “asset” is changing. What we perceive as highly valuable today may not be that valuable in the future.

But the corollary is actually more interesting.

Some resources that could be cheap today can be of immense value tomorrow.

So I thought, what could be that thing my daughter may want when she is 16?

Of course, I have no clue and this surely cannot be predicted, but I am certainly going to take a shot at it. Here I go.

Everyone today has digital presence. Everyone has an email address for communication, Skype ID for chat, Facebook ID for social networking, LinkedIn ID for career etc…This is given.

So I think buying a domain name “snehaarun” is a good idea and will be of immense value in the future. Think about it:

  • Good Domain names are on the verge of extinction. They are very hard to get and even if you get, it will be at a very high price.
  • If you want to start a blog, want to publish anything, start a project, or a movement, voice your opinion, it is always best to do it on your own domain than
  • Some of you may have already realized this. When it comes to employment, your online personal brand is more important than anything else right now. So, the online brand called “You” is much better built on your own domain name.
  • Most importantly, it is nice to have url

Hence, I go to GoDaddy and purchase for $80 which is valid for the next 10 years.

Today Sneha turns 1. Hopefully she will appreciate her Daddy’s 1st birthday gift J




14 thoughts on “Buying Gold for my daughter”

    1. Thanks Dolly Aunty for commenting on the blog. Nice to find you on Facebook and WordPress. Will catch up the next time i am in Cochin. Take care.

  1. Arun, when your daughter starts blogging, she might think is such a lame name for her blog 😛 Generation gap you see.. lol. Anyway, I wish Sneha a very happy birthday. She looks beautiful in the pic 🙂 Resembles Rahki a lot.


  2. @Anil..exactly my thoughts!

    I prefer to …On the other hand, buying gold would have been an easy decision.. no brianer, instead you thought about it hard and bought what you think is the best for her. I am sure she will appreciate that for sure 🙂 Its not what you got.. its the thought process that matters.

    1. Yup, personal preferences can never be predicted. Also, being my daughter i dont expect any conformity with parents’ likes or tastes.

      In the end, i think it was fun exercise.


  3. ചക്കരവാവക്ക് ഒരുനൂരായിരം പിറന്നാള്‍ ആശംസകള്‍

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