Outlook 2007 – emails not deleted, only striked off

I wasted about half an hour trying to figure out an annoying feature of Outlook 2007 which prevents emails getting cleared from Inbox. So, when I delete emails from Inbox, it gets striked off(marked for deletion) but just sits there. 

But If you think that you don’t need to delete the emails from the Exchange Server or IMAP but doesn’t want these emails to be visible in your Inbox, you might just need to change the View of the mailbox to hide all the ‘marked for delete’ emails.

In the Outlook UI, go to View-> Toolbars->Advanced.

Just change the view settings and select the option shown in the screenshot below –



Outlook has something called ‘Purge’ settings which will determine when the actual email gets deleted from your Inbox. In case you are deperate to clean your Inbox, this is what you have to do.


In the Outlook menu, go to Edit->Purge-> Purge Marked items in “Inbox”.



Once all the emails are deleted from your Inbox, configure Purge settings.



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